Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Hair to Short Hair Transition For Women

Short hairstyles for women have always been around. Short hair styles are not a new concept, however, for women who have had long hair for their entire life they may as well be.

The one change that ladies, and men for that matter have a difficult time with is the long hair to short hair transition. This can be very daunting for most, and should not be taken lightly.

I believe strongly that this is one of those times were the hairdresser's ability to give a professional consultation is very important. A hairdresser has the responsibility of giving the best advice to a client regardless of whether they agree or not. Sometimes what the client thinks is the right style for them and what actually is, are two different things.

You noticed I said the right style for them and not the best looking style for them. The reason is that although a style may be better suited as far as looks go to a person it is not always the most practical. We need to consider if the style is high maintenance or low maintenance and can the client manage the style themselves or will they need to visit a Salon every time they want to create the style.

Ladies, if you have had long hair for ever and you have now made the decision to cut it off tread carefully. Do not just go from long to short straight away. You've waited this long, whats the hurry.

There are so many stages before you get used to a new style the first one is the grieving process, the more you cut off the more you grieve. Then you have the shock factor the bigger the chop the bigger the shock so little steps are easier steps and then you have the what do I do with it now its so short.

Do not forget everything you have at home is for long hair your brushes your products electrical devices, all for long.

So the conclusion is less is best depending on how much you are actually cutting off do it in stages at least one if not more. It will give you time to get adjusted and everyone else around you adjusted to your new look.

It will also give your stylist time to adjust to see what you look like with shorter hair to see what you can handle and work out what your growth patterns are. It will also allow time for you to grieve, to get over the shock, to get organized with brushes electrical devices and products.

The most important step however is, talk to your stylist. If you do not have a good stylist who takes time out to consult on each and every visit the find another one. Walk in to a few Salons and ask a senior stylist for their opinion, then compare notes.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Hair Cuts For Women

The fashionable woman expects nothing short from the better when it comes to her fashion ideas. The fashionable woman is able to manage her professional life along with her personal life with outstanding ease and seems to others to be effortless. She is truly talented and knows how to find her own way through many seemingly hopeless situations.

The fashionable woman is a real high achiever and her efforts are rewarded by climbing the corporate ladder and continually bettering her career prospects. When it comes to fashion sense, the new age woman is a standout leader in fashion that will enhance her natural beauty. By having such an accomplished idea of fashion the new age women will choose the correct clothing and accessories that will increase her self confidence and presence amongst her peers.

The fashionable woman is a real high achiever and her efforts are rewarded by climbing the corporate ladder and continually bettering her career prospects. When it comes to fashion sense, the new age woman is a standout leader in fashion that will enhance her natural beauty and set new hair trends. By having such an accomplished idea of fashion the new age women will choose the correct clothing and accessories that will increase her self confidence and presence amongst her peers.

The fashionable women of todays times will not make any compromise on her new haircut style as this forms a meticulous part of her overall look. Fashionable women are always comparing and designing new ideas when it comes to fashion to keep their style individual and unique. It is important that you are watching the fashion trends so you can formulate an opinion on your overall look that you want to achieve taking into account your fashion sense, the shape of your face and body to find the exact style you want to explore.

New hair cuts for women discusses long hairstyles that can look fabulous when styled in layers and generally suits if you have a broad face wherein the layers will support to frame your face beautifully. Long hair when straight can dig really sleek when pulled back into a smooth ponytail. A ponytail with hair accessories added in just the right places will lift the style and add definition to your face in just the right places. By experimenting with accessories for your hair you are able to change your look to whatever you wish to achieve. Be it a day time look, the work look or simply the night time look to impress.

New Haircuts for Women really are not that new, they are just designed with good imagination, trial and error, and choosing the just right accessories. So buy a new dress, new shoes, put on your makeup and start designing.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Short Hair Styles - The Latest Trend

Short hair styles are all the rage this season, perhaps because the current fashion trends also include girls getting in touch their their masculine sides. Hair trends often mimic those found in fashion and this one is no exception. Of course, that is not the only reason short styles are so popular right now.

There are a number of reasons women and men alike are going for shorter hair. Some of them are driven by fashion and some of them are practical. The point is that although long locks will always be pretty, they are definitely being replaced by a love for shorter styles.

Right now, the looks on the runways are all about femme fatales doing it up in an androgynous way. Women are encouraged to wear fitted trousers, pinstriped suits, skinny ties, and classy fedoras. This hot new fashion trend is directly related to the current trends found in hair styles. Namely, women are beginning to prefer much shorter hair.

It does not necessarily have to be a short cropped pixie cut, but with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes being frequently photographed with sleek, jaw length bobs, it is really no wonder why so many women are running to book an appointment under the scissors.

On the subject of short, cropped hairstyles, however, women have been wild about them for many years. Sometimes, however, a woman is not brave enough to get her hair cut this way. It can be difficult to pull off a look like this, but it looks exquisite when it can be done.

In the past, iconic women like Audrey Hepburn, whose short pixie cut in Sabrina took the audience's breath away, and Mia Farrow during her dramatic turn in Rosemary's Baby, sent women all over the world to the stylist's. These dramatic looks began a trend which is still popular today. It simply happens to be making a comeback in a big way.

As briefly mentioned, getting one's hair cut short has its practical side as well. It is notoriously easy to style a short hair cut, whether it is chin length, jaw length, or cropped close to the skull. More often than not, all you need to do is towel dry a look like this, add the tiniest bit of product, and you can be on your way.

This is possibly why short hair is so popular with working women, mothers, and especially, working moms. In the rush to get breakfast on the table, get lunches packed, get the kids off to school, and get yourself ready, you sometimes do not even have time to match your socks, let alone style your hair to perfection.

Having a short hair style can thus save quite a bit of time. And, like say, when you have the bone structure which can pull it off, then you are still going to turn heads every time you walk down the street.

By virtue of the fact that it is both stylish and convenient, short hair is quickly becoming the new black, so to speak.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Short Hair Styles - 3 Keys to Avoiding a Big Mistake

Short hair styles are wonderful for ease of maintenance and versatility. Many girls and women go with shorter length hair in the summer, but it's really a good year-round length. You don't need expensive gels, shampoo, sprays, or equipment like curling irons with short hair. If you're a busy person, it's wonderful to have a style you can wash, dry, and be out the door every morning in half the time of those with longer cuts.

As easy, comfortable, and fun as short hair can be, there are some potential pitfalls if you aren't careful, especially if you've never had your hair cut short before. Knowledge is power, though, and so here are three things to avoid when considering a short hair cut style.

First, don't go super-short right out of the gate. Even if you really dig that buzz cut on your favorite celebrity, you might discover it looks less-than-flattering on you. A good rule is to get your hair cut a medium length first. If everything looks fine, go ahead and have your stylist cut some more. You can always go shorter, but the only option when too short is a mistake is letting it grow out and dealing with the embarrassment for a few weeks. No one needs that hassle.

Second, remember that bangs are a great cover for facial features you don't want to emphasize. If you think your nose is too big or your eyes are too close together, for example, bangs will smooth things out. That's why you see a lot of women going with the bob hair style with bangs. It's a good, safe option for most face shapes and facial features.

Finally, tap your friends for their opinions before you sit down in the chair at the salon. Your best friends are going to be your best sources for blunt advice. A true friend will tell it to you straight. So, ask your friends what they think about you getting a short haircut. If the majority give it a thumbs up, go for it! If not, it's probably a good sign to keep a longer hairstyle. Also, get your stylist's advice as well. He or she has probably been cutting hair for a long time. A good one will help you with plenty of style options - probably even some you never thought of or knew existed.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Women's Haircut

The beauty of a woman lies in her hair. The length, the style and the texture of a woman's hair affect her facial features. Classic and trendy women's haircuts and hairstyles change the look from something simple to an elegant and unique look.

Women have always been possessive about their hair and the hairstyle. Women's hairstyles and hairdos keep on changing with time with a vast range of hairstyles from short to medium and long hairstyles.

Short haircut denotes business and career for women. In 1960 short haircuts were used by Twiggy as a symbol of women's liberation. Thereafter most of the women into some kind of business or service started keeping short hairs because women's short hairstyles are easier to manage and convenient to style up. Styling up these hairstyles requires less time and hence women can cope up with the time as well as quality and standard. There are various short hairstyles for women that provide stylish, glamorous and young look. The most popular short hairstyles women prefer are bangs, choppy cut, bob cut and pixie cut.

Many women also prefer medium length hairstyles that match their particular needs and occasions. In a wide selection of top-notch medium hairstyles some of the most popular hairdos include layers, bun, simple flow down, shag, French twist, perm and bob.A woman with long and beautiful hairs usually becomes envy of many women. Long hairs have always been a statement of beauty, feminine and romance. Women can style up their long hairs in as many styles as possible but the best and the most popular is layers with different styles and variations.

Whatever it may be, short, medium or long hairs, all a woman need to do is to take good care of her hair and have nutritious food for healthy and beautiful hair.

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