Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Cut Short Hair For Women

How to Cut Short Hair For Women - Cutting Hair Made Easy

Chances are your read this because your wanting to learn how cut short hair, well cool, you're in for some good news. I am going to share some basic and easy to understand tips on learning the art of cutting hair.

First step is to find a couple of good photos of the style or cut your want to have. This just makes it much easier for you. To do this just do an internet search in yahoo or Google for "short hair styles." Be sure you know the length you want. Find a few pictures of the style you want, this will help in determining that right cut for you.

Second step to do is to get the hair wet. Just shampoo and conditioner the hair. Having the hair clean and wet will make it so much easier to control and cut.

Third step is to section the hair into four sections (ear to ear and front center to center back of your nape) By taking the hair and putting it into four sections with help you easily move through the haircut. Once again section by starting at the top of the head, right behind the ears. Taking your comb and coming straight down slightly behind each ear and then parting the hair directly down the back of the head as if you were parting the hair for pig-tails.

Fourth step is your now ready to start cutting. Always cut in small sections. In the first step you should have already decided on the length you want. Begin by taking out a 1 inch section in the back (nape) area and cutting the underlying hair first. Then work either left to right or the opposite, doesn't matter. Always remember to keep using the last section that was cut as your guide for the next section to cut. Continue cutting the hair in these small sections. When your done cutting a section go ahead and move on to the next section until you have completed the entire head. Always keep checking both sides of the head to make sure the hair is even.

To make the haircut go smoothly, be sure to have a spray bottle with water and mirror or two. Be sure to only use a nice pair of scissors that made specifically for cutting hair. Paper scissors will only ruin your hair. Don't cut hair with them!

Now with a little practice you will be creating professional haircuts in no time.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Haircuts For 30s and 40s Woman

New Hair Styles For Women - Haircuts For 30s and 40s Woman

A fringe is the ideal choice for a simple style update and if you want a new image without losing length then ask your hair stylist about the best style to suit your cut. Look out for artificial fringe pieces that clip into your hair for a no commitment style change. Your hair dresser may even be able to trim a hairpiece to suit your exact requirements. It's a good idea to have your fringe trimmed a little shorter than you normally wear it when you have a cut. Within a week or two it should be just perfect.

Arm yourself with plenty of clips, grips, bands and accessories so that the only limit to your style is your imagination. If you're choosing a style for a special occasion pop into your hairdresser before the big day for a consultation or a trial run. Take some pictures along with you for ideas and inspiration. Keep a handbag sized hairspray with you at home, at work or out on the town so that you can make sure your updo creation stays perfectly in place.

Even while growing your hair it's important to try and enjoy your style. The transition phase between long and short is a great time to experiment with new styling techniques and interesting new hair ideas. Get to know a whole range of products for maximum styling versatility. Anything from gels to waxes, serums to sprays will give you plenty of options when it comes to changing your look. Pay particular attention to the ends of mid length hair. This is often where the focus of your style will be.

Make sure that you discuss all factors including your lifestyle and time you spend on your hair before opting for a new cut. Your hairdresser should take all these things into consideration. If you've had the same style for anything over five years its probably time for a change. Even a small addition, such as a fringe or layers will update your cut. Take inspiration from magazines, celebrities and even people on the street when choosing your new look. If you like someone's hair - tell them - as this is a great way to finding a good hairdresser in your area.

Women in their thirties and forties are looking for ways to alter their hair style without loosing length. In this case, layers, are a great option. You can add volume, texture and height without having to compromise your length. All good hairdressers will take the time to discuss the kind of cut your after. It's always useful to take along pictures as a simple way of getting across what you actually do and don't want. Despite certain myths and rumours, the only way to really get rid of split ends is to have them cut off.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Cut Short Hair

If you want a new hairstyle, but you don't want to spend time at a salon, you can always cut your own hair. By choosing a simple style, you can cut long hair into a shorter, trendier style while saving time and money. Short hairstyles are perfect for warm summer months or when you don't have the time to spend hours styling and touching up during the day.

Step 1Find a picture of the hairstyle you want to create. Simple hairstyles are best when cutting your own hair short. Finding a picture of a hairstyle that is suitable for your hair's texture allows you to cut the hair without having to worry too much about altering your hair's natural structure.

cut short hair

Step 2Wet your hair. Cutting wet hair is easier than cutting dry hair. Keep in mind that as your hair dries, it will shrink a little, so be sure to find a length that's comfortable to wear when dry. Cutting off too much wet hair may result in a style that's too short. Fill a plastic spray bottle with water so you can keep your hair wet as you cut.

Step 3Use a pair of sharp scissors that are made for cutting hair. Begin by cutting small sections of your hair. Once you decide on a certain length, follow the natural pattern of your hair to ensure that the cut will be even. Refer to the mirror to monitor your progress. Keep in mind that while you can always cut your hair shorter, you cannot add length, so cutting a little bit of hair at a time will help you achieve the proper length.

Step 4Trim underlying hair first. Pin longer layers on the top of your head so you can easily find the underlying layers. These are the layers that are the closest to your neck. After cutting these layers, remove the pins and begin cutting the layers that grow from the crown of your head.

Step 5Trim your bangs last. This will help you determine the length and style. Use a towel to dry your hair before styling. Make any last-minute improvements by checking to make sure the sides of your hair are even. Trim any pieces that are longer in the front or the back. Use styling products to hold your new haircut in place.

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