Monday, November 8, 2010

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are you going to attend a prom night in near time? Have you found the most suitable hair style? Well, as you certainly have understood, having a perfect performance during your prom night will certainly make your night. You will likely become more confidence during the party so you might have the chances to be queen of the night. In fact, in order to have a perfect performance, you should know the importance of having a suitable hair style. You should understand that your hair style can either enhance or ruin your performance. Meaning to say, you must do a little survey to find out the most suitable prom hair style.

Prom Hairstyles for Short HairActually finding the most suitable prom hairstyles for short hair, middle hair, or long hair is not that difficult. There are plenty resources on Internet that can become your references. You can visit hairstyle websites which are widely available over the Internet. The websites usually provide information about the latest hairstyle trends that can inspire you. You will also find some useful tips on those websites. Then, you can also consider finding inspirations from beauty magazines that usually feature best hairstyles. The more information you receive, the more idea you can choose.

Prom Hairstyles for Short HairIf you have difficulties to choose the most suitable hairstyle, you can always ask for advices from hairstylists that can be found over the Internet more easily lately. Therefore, you should not be confused in choosing a prom hairstyle because there are many helps available. So, are you ready for a perfect prom night?

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Short Hair Is Fresh and Young

Remember the first time you saw women opting for shorter and shorter hair? I must confess it was like a revolution and surprise for me. It felt just like a breath of fresh air and a revolution from old conceptions between long hairs and a woman's beauty. Maybe we were getting used to very long hairs, in the 80's even men had long hairs, and it looked fashionable, irreverent and... well, not anymore. Back to our subject at hand: my question is "what is behind the attraction of short hair styles for women?"

Healthy and Beautiful

A beautiful short hair depends much if it is healthy and how it is taken care of. It may sound like short hairs are easier to care for, keep clean and arrange on a daily basis, just because they are short. But the attentions they require are the same as long hairs. Shorter hairs have more movement and they fit a personal image of someone who is energetic and full of life. In fact, it is all about how a short hair makes you feel. If you feel beautiful with shorter hair, more confident, then it will look beautiful.

Short hairs enhance your face features. Shorter hair styles will leave space to focus attention in your face. A careful combination of make-up to enhance your eyes, lips, tone of skin and overall face structure, and your short hair, will knock out anyone that comes across you. Above all, it will free your emotions and the way your face transmits them, there are no long tresses of hair to hide a beautiful smile or a sassy look.

Short To Long in Minutes

Short hair styles also have an advantage that has been gaining momentum lately, the use of accessories like hair extensions, fake pony tails and colorful wigs. There is so much versatility behind the usage of accessories with a short hair, that one day you can be this long hair, "red carpet" looking women, and the next day you are a young, "on the go" women with short hair. The options are endless and can dazzle and bedazzle whoever dares to lay their eyes on you.

Not only accessories can help you achieve the look you want, but also some tools are indispensable to have in your bathroom closet. Ceramic flat irons, they are easy and safe to use, with the necessary cautions, and can straighten your hair in a few minutes. A good comb or brush is essential to brush your hair and lead it to where you want it. For shorter hairs it is good to buy one with longer bristles, they will help stimulate your scalp and distribute the natural oils. You can buy a couple of colorful wigs, wear them to match you personal mood for that day: darker for emotional, lighter for happy moods and bright green just for the fun of wearing it.

There are lots of advantages to have short hair, but the most important is that it will make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Short hair styles are an expression of freedom from old concepts of beauty; they are also an expression a woman's affirmation of her inner "femme fatale".

Lydia Meternick has a wide scope of interest but the topics she finds most interesting are hair and skin. Her latest blog is about dandruff shampoo and the treatment of scalp and hair without harmful substances.

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Short Hair Cuts For Kids

Kids love to have long hair to boast amongst their friends but maintaining the long hair is a difficult task for all mothers. Hair styles for kids should be short and manageable. Kids are prone to many hair problems, hence having a short hair cut is a boon for many parents. Kids get to experiment with various hair styles and parents get relieved from managing their kids' hair problems. Try doing a hair cut at home to make the kids feel comfortable and then take them to any haircutters to try some different looks.

Here are some short haircut choices for kids

Haircut ideas for girls

-Bob cut is a common hairstyle among girls. It goes well with all types of hair and easy to manage. Accessories like hair bands, ribbons, clips, ponytails and barrettes can be tried to get a different look.
-Shag cut is another hairstyle that can go with all types of hair except frizzy and curly hairs. The hair is cut in uneven layers which can be adjusted according to the requirement.
-Pixie cut is a tomboyish haircut which is easy to manage. All it requires is a gel to set it.
-Shoulder level layer cut will be helpful for tangle free hair. Also it has that girly look most of the kids like.

Haircut ideas for boys

-Crew cut or Buzz cut is done using clippers where the hair length is less than 1/4 inch.
-Flattop is another type of Buzz cut which gives a flat boxer like look.
-Caesar cut is a short, layered cut with tassel like finish.
-Bowl or mushroom cut looks as if a bowl is placed on the head. A bowl is kept and the hair is cut around that. It gives a rounded appearance.
-Spike cut, is a stylish cut and is favourite amongst youngsters. Hair is left slightly longer on top than sides and styled as spikes using gel or mousse.

Tips for maintaining healthy hair
•Do not over brush the hair. This may over stimulate the sebaceous glands and make the hair greasy and heavy.
•Use a wide teeth comb in wet hair. This reduces hair breakage
Trim the hair periodically to avoid split ends.
•Make a mixture of virgin coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil. Apply in the scalp for half hour and wash it.
•Follow these short haircuts for kids and create a style icon in your house.

Sangeetha A

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