Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Haircuts for Your Age

It's important to choose a style that is age-appropriate. The wrong cut or color can make you look older then you really are. You wouldn't want that to happen.

Even more crucial is to find a haircut that suits you lifestyle and complements you face shape, hair type and features. That said, it's okay to try something different if you're keeping some principles in mind.


What looks best in your 20s

This is a great time to try new things and have fun with different colors, styles and lengths. A short haircut can help you project a more professional image, but be warned - not all short haircuts are the same. Work with your stylist to find a look that suits your features, because what looks good on your friend mat transform you into a soccer mom and you may look older than you really are. Try to avoid heavy makeup and stiff updos, because these can be aging. Women in their twenties should be showing off their long, healthy strands or a really hip haircut.

What looks best in your 30s

Whether you're a businesswoman or a mom - or both - this tends to be a busy time for most women. Choose a hairstyle that's well suited to an active life, taking onto account how much time you want to devote to maintenance. Try something easier to handle, like medium-length layers with soft bangs. Center partings and roughed-up texture can make features look harsh - instead wear sleek strands and side partings that are far more flattering.

What looks best in your 40s

Because hair tends to grow weaker with age, this is a decade when maintenance becomes crucial for your look. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment and trim every few weeks. Getting layers help build body, while color becomes increasingly vital to cover grays - just make sure you have enough contrast between your hair and skin tone so you don't look washed out. What's better and cheaper than Botox? Soft bangs look fresh and young and they cover crinkly foreheads and restore definition to your features.

What looks best in your 50s

Mature women already know what works best for them, and their hairstyles should reflect their personalities. For active women shorter, spikier haircuts lend a certain sex appeal. If you're more conservative, shoulder-length cuts with bangs are just the thing, depending on the face shape. Once you hit 50 you don't have to wear stiff, matronly updos - a side ponytail placed low at the nape is age-appropriate, more current and is so soft and feminine.

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