Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frigo Revolution Wear

This post brought to you by Frigo. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm glad to introduce Frigo Revolution Wear Underwear, its the underwear that every man needs and always wished they had.
Frigo revolution wear underwear has new technology so that men can be the most comfortable when it comes to underwear. Ladies have your men stop wearing underwear and have them wear Frigo revolution and they will wish they've always had it.  Here are some specs that this new product has:
-Adjustable pouch for a personal fit. Men aren't all the same so the pouch is adjustable for a customized fit and locks into place with two buttons on the front of the garment.
-Interior mesh pouch keeps everything in place, reduces awkward adjustments, and decreases sweating. All frigo underwear come with their patented pouch, which helps keep you well supported, dry, and cool. Unlike other garments that keep things in place by compressing your package inward, Frigo provides support from behind so you wont feel constricted. The mesh pouch also ensures that there is always air flow between your package and legs, meaning less sweating and chafing, and moisture will evaporate quickly.
-Silicone prevents underwear from riding up (without ripping out leg hair or hurting you).
The holidays are here and gifting is not easy, when it comes to choosing a good gift I would recommend Frigo's new underwear its awesome and men love it. Its the underwear of the future with so many cool specs that men wished all underwear had them. So if you have been looking for the perfect Holiday gift for your man then you have found it.

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